Turn your Internet into

Times are changing and more people are opting out of expensive cable packages and choosing to stream their favorite shows with their Internet subscriptions. But what if your cable Internet company’s bandwidth, well…isn’t width the band? For example, you’re watching the Seahawks game (along with everyone else in your neighborhood) and your streaming throttles and the dreaded buffering arrow becomes the featured image on your football screen. Aaaaaaahhh! You get the picture.


(Insert Superman theme song.)

Cascadelink Gigabit Internet was created to battle against moments like these! Our multiple fiber-backed connection ensures your Internet is the most reliable in the city. You can watch football with speeds up to a gigabit, and get symmetrical upload/download with low latency. Watch the Hawks play! Cascadelink Gigabit Internet has got this!


Here’re the top cable-free game watching options:



No streaming here. Just a good ol’ HD antenna will do. Watch regional games on CBS and FOX, and Sunday Night Football on NBC, all for FREE. We like the AmazonBasics Ultra-Thin Indoor HDTV Antenna.


Sling TV

Watch live games on ESPN with Sling TV anytime, anywhere on your favorite devices. You’ll first want to sign up with Sling TV. They’re contract free like Cascadelink! What!


NFL Mobile App

Not home to watch the game? Stream on-the-go with the NFL Mobile App available at Apple and Android App stores and free for Verizon users. Plus unlimited use for customers with NFL Gamepass subscriptions.



On October 25, the NFL’s first Internet-only game was exclusively broadcast on Yahooplatforms. The live streamed matchup between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Buffalo Bills attracted 15.2 million unique viewers and 33.6 million total views from 185 different countries worldwide. These numbers mean that more streaming NFL games, though not officially scheduled just yet, are certainly on the way, and very soon. Cord cutters, rejoice!



CBS will stream seven free games on their site: two regular season games, four playoff games, and the Super Bowl for FREE. Plus great news for all Seahawks fans in Washington! All Seahawks games will be viewable on CBS, Fox, or NBC on our local network!

Check out your favorite team’s game time schedule! You can now enter beast mode over the game, not over your Internet connection. Happy watching!