Toastie Toes Anyone? There’s an App for That!

It’s all fun and games in the PNW winter until you can’t feel your toes anymore.

+t has developed the +WINTER warming and rechargeable insoles that are heat-controlled straight from your smartphone +t app. Talk about major support!

Once paired with your smartphone, you’ve got the warming power at your fingertips. +WINTER insoles and can last up to 5 hours– even if your smartphone’s battery dies. 

They’re super slim, fitting almost any type of shoe and water and humidity resistant so you can truly get the most out of them (and not worry about your sweaty toes).

Want to know the greatest thing about them Seattleites? They’ll be available for U.S. customers this coming November 2017. So a toast!….to toastie toes!

Check out The Warming Store for more heated insole options you can take advantage of now.