Break The Ice W/ These Friendly Apps

More than ever, Seattle is becoming a bustling hub with job opportunities that are simply soaring. This means more families and millennials are making their way over to techie paradise. However, this could also mean a loss of friends if you feel the (not so) Seattle freeze. (Especially this winter! burrr) Well, no worries, we are here to break the ice! So, move over Tinder, these social apps are just what these Seattle-Transplants need….

Now entering the ~Friendship Zone~


Meet new people in a group setting by joining others based on shared interests. Whether it’s book clubs or weekend football games you seek, you can find everything in-between or create your own.



Similar to its dating-site, you have 24 hours to initiate a conversation- except, anyone can go first here! You can also set your preferences to accommodate your age and location.  Simply download the regular bumble app and switch over to BumbleBFF in settings to enter the **Friend Zone** So hurry up, time is ticking. ⏰



Strictly girl time, all the time. Your bio consists of your spiel and mini personality quizzes to meet girls just like you. Grab that wine and pick out your fave Rom-Com; you’re about to meet your best gal-pal.



Let’s not forgot our men who are new, too. Real allows men and women to search for strictly-platonic mates by comparing interests. You can’t even see others’ photos until after you have been matched. Talk about getting real.


Meet My Dog

Maybe your only piece of luggage was your loveable pup. Well, grab that little guy and venture off to meet locals with four-legged cuties of their own. Hey, they need friends too.



What’s in a name that which we call a friend? Fill in your bio and select your interests to start matching. The catch? You can only see profiles that share at least one common interest.


Click for a bigger Clique

Me3, because “three’s a party.” (emoji) Take a few quizzes & they match you up w/ your tribe-to-be. (Sadly, not-yet available in Seattle.)

Cliq, group A meets group B. Join w/ your friends to meet other groups in your area & create the ultimate squad.

Skout, for those “me too” moments. Connect with people who are already at the venue looking for new friends.