Hook It Up!

Already connected to your favorite streaming services? Get hooked up by linking them to one of these streaming devices for your TV. It will surely bring your entertainment performance to top-notch!

Below are our most talked about devices:

Get HOOKED up!

Roku Express HD

Aside from streaming in Full HD and easy access to favorite services like Netflix, Amazon and Sling, it is the only streaming device that is compatible with older CRT TV’s with a composite video output. Plus, it has private audio through their ~fancy~ remote when you just can’t fall asleep– Your housemates will thank you.


Price: $29.99 plus 2 months of HBO NOW.


Calling all gamers! This console easily mimics the look of an Android TV with 500GB of storage and apps for Netflix and Amazon. In case that wasn’t enough, you can also plug an antenna for local TV broadcasts.

Price: $199.99 and free shipping

Apple TV 4th Generation

With Siri supported touch & voice control, this device is perfect for all Apple Enthusiasts. Enjoy Apple’s movie & show catalog with over 1k channels and access to your favorite streaming services. Just add Hulu subscription.

Price: $199.99

Chromecast Ultra

Android smartphone users, rejoice! Perfect compatibility to mirror android smartphones for most-used apps such as Netflix and Youtube. Equipped with 4k/HDR performance and over 1k channels with Google’s full catalog. Time to re-watch those golden cat videos!


Price: $69 ($59 through the weekend)

Amazon Fire TV

Think of it as an alternative to Apple TV with Amazon’s library of shows and movies- free, with a Prime Membership – all in 4K/HDR. Another feature is Alexa voice control that easily lets you play your Spotify playlist or play the next episode. Android apps and games included!


Price: $89.99


Here are more great devices to consider for your streaming delights!

Roku Ulta, priced at $109.99. Their self-rated top device w/3500+ channels & audio jack on remote.

Amazon Fire TV Stick, priced at $39.99. Equipped w/Alexa voice control & faster wifi than before.

Roku Streaming Stick, priced at $39.99. Also features private listening & smartphone mirroring.

Xbox One, starting at $249. Combine your gaming & tv experience w/ Xbox Live & your favorite streaming subscriptions.