Stream It to See It

“On JustWatch you can easily find out where to watch your favorite movies & TV shows.” With Cord Cutting on the rise, you may be inclined to find your favorite shows online. Luckily, JustWatch has just the guide on where to find them. Plus, if you get the app, you can also opt into price drop alerts.



Do you ever want to simply scroll through the only the newest shows on your favorite streaming sites? The homepage includes all the newest shows across the web with the option to refine your search by streaming provider or release date.   


To be popular! I’ll help you be popular!”🎵 Be the first to know of all the latest releases across the web for both tv shows and movies. The perk of this option is that if you don’t have the streaming provider that host a wanted show or movie, this site will also present options for one-time viewings, if available.


“One list to queue them all.” Add all your pending shows across multiple streaming services to your Watchlist with the ability to filter the genre when you want to come back and only search through your favorite “funnies.”

“Are you still watching?”

Some of our personal favorites to stream right now:

New Girl, 6 seasons. Streaming available on Netflix, Hulu, Yahoo and Amazon.

The Office, 9 seasons. Streaming available on Netflix, Amazon and Itunes.

Game of Thrones, 6 seasons. Streaming available on HBO GO and HBO NOW.

House of Cards, 5 seasons. Streaming available on Netflix.

Homeland,  6 seasons. Streaming available on Showtime and Hulu.