We’ve Got Your ‘Key to the Highway!’

Get that playlist going because we have just the thing to put your Life On the Fast Lane. Roadtrippers is a long weekend-er’s best friend. It allows you to pre-plan any trip and add must-see stops with estimated time for the entire trip. The site also saves popular routes others have taken to give you ideas for your next trip.

Are We There Yet?

Seas the Day 

“Plan trips directly from the app or on the web at roadtrippers.com, then share them with friends. Friends can add suggestions to your trip itinerary and travel with their favorite navigation app.”

Get a kick on Route 66

Discover more of America by taking some of our country’s most known road trips. Whether you’re cruising along the Pacific Coast Highway or navigating the Turquoise Trail, you will get a taste of our classic drives.

Joy ride, Roadside!

Haven’t you heard– getting there is half the fun! Well, Roadtrippers sure has! That is why they have compiled some of the coolest attractions you can only find down some of our country’s most iconic highways.

Keepin’ It Reel 

Our selection of favorite “pre-made” road trips to get this summer started!

Pacific Coast Highway: Along the coast of California in one week.

Ultimate Route 66 Road Trip: The ultimate guide to experience Route 66 in one week.

Coast to Coast: The best of everything along I-10, between LA and Jacksonville.

Guide to Zion National Park: Angel’s Landing, Walter’s Wiggles and Weeping Rock.

Stunning Columbia River Highway: Scenic Vistas, Lush Gorges, and Waterfalls galore.