What Streaming Service is Best For You?

On average, people with cable are paying $103.101 after promotional pricing, that’s $90 more than THE MOST EXPENSIVE Netflix subscription, per month! Ditch your cable company and see all the options you have for streaming some of your favorite shows, for a fraction of the price. Binge-watching just got better…

So, why are you still paying for cable?

Streaming Royalty

We’ve all heard the names and if you’re anything like the 800,000 (yup, you read that right) customers last year, you’ve probably watched one or two “Originals” from one of these major streaming services.


House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things — we can thank them for all these amazing shows. Way to go, Netflix.

Price: Starting at $7.99/month


The biggest excitement about this service is that you can enjoy all your favorite shows during its current season. Plus, they also give you the choice of watching past seasons in case you really want to rewatch that one season again.

Price: $7.99/month with commercials or $11.99/month for commercial-free


When your streaming service comes with free two-day shipping, why wouldn’t you want it? Extra points if you’re a student because that means you just scored a free 6-month trial.  And if Prime is too much of a commitment, Amazon allows to rent/buy a single viewing experience as so well, so you never have to miss out.

Price: $99/year (about $8/month)

Sticking to the Classics

With all these “Originals” being streamed, sometimes it’s hard to find a way to watch the Greats we find from our local cable providers. Luckily, these services understand that struggle and are committed to bringing cable-broadcasted shows back to you.

CBS All Access

Get day-after access to network favorites like The Big Bang Theory and NCIS. They even provide access to all NFL games hosted on CBS live. Not too shabby.

Price: $5.99/month or $9.99/month for no-ads


This one is definitely the priciest at a whopping $20. **Casually stares at $100 cable bill…** However, you will get to enjoy lifelong favorites such as ESPN, AMC, Disney, HGTV… the list goes on and on. You can also make it your own by adding extras starting at $5.

Price: $20/Orange, $25/Blue, $40/both (and then there are the extras if you want them)

Don’t drop the ball!

As most Seattleites know to be true, sometimes it’s all about the sports. So grab that Seahawks cap because these companies are committed to that mantra and have brought us live viewings.


The first of many has been MLB.TV who have dedicated services to bringing you the feel of the field right to your living room. You can choose between your home team or all teams with their package options. Let’s plaaay ball!

Price: $79.99/one team per year or $99/all teams per year


Don’t be limited to one sport. With a subscription to YoutubeTV, you can watch live games for NFL, NHL, MLS… you name it! Either way, it’s game time!

Price: $35/month

So, tell us again, why are you paying for cable?