Privacy Policy

Cascadelink strives to be the best at what we do. This translates to a superior customer experience. We would never do anything to jeopardize your confidence in us, as a result we will never share, sell, or give personal and confidential information about you to anyone.

We loathe spam mailers and spyware spreaders, we will not associate or aid anyone who participates in such activities. Be careful of what you sign up for online and do not use your personal email address when you are unsure of a company’s policy, what you sign up for can and will result in spam mail.

On occasion, Cascadelink contracts out work and information may be provided to these companies in order to serve you better. However, confidential information such as credit card numbers will never be given to such companies without written permission by you.

Cascadelink may disclose information to collections or law enforcement agencies in cooperation with fraud, delinquency, or other such investigations.

We appreciate everything our customers have done for us, we hold your confidence in us as essential and therefore we will do our best to ensure we maintain your confidence in us. Please report any fraudulent use of your account or any unauthorized contact regarding your account to us immediately.